Swan's Island Organic Wool


Have you ever picked up a skein of yarn and then put it down again because of the price? And then kept walking back to pat the yarn because it was so beautiful? After laps around my local yarn store, I finally plunked down the $32 for this yarn, and promptly fell in love. 

This yarn is a dream -  elegant, soft, with great stitch definition and a beautiful, subtle color variegation that’s interesting to watch as it knits up.  It’s 100% certified organic wool, and it’s spun and hand-dyed in Maine using traditional dyeing techniques. 

Some yarns are so fun to knit with that the project can feel like a happy afterthought. Swan’s Island Organic Wool works well in a simple design so the beauty of the yarn can take center stage. It’s pictured here in Maize. 

California Buttercup

Swan’s Island is available through their website  and through your local yarn store. The Natural Color’s Collection comes in 28 different colors. Stop by and give it a pat or two.