Knit Your Bit


During both world wars, civilians of all ages were urged to  knit their bit by providing socks, sweaters, and helmet warmers for men and women who were serving abroad. Knitting offered warmth and a bit of home for soldiers, and provided a  sense of usefulness and distraction for those on the home front. 

First lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who blazed a trail for all of us by knitting during meetings, could often be found knitting for the troops. 

Today, some soldiers have found comfort and purpose in knitting during deployment.  I loved this story about Staff Sergeant John Sorich,  who taught members of his bemused Army unit to knit during a tour of Iraq. 

Our troops still appreciate hand knits. If you would like to contribute, Warmth for Warriors will gladly accept hats and The American Red Cross distributes knitted goods to veterans in need.